Dr. Slender Weight Loss Program

The Dr. Slender Weight Loss Program is dedicated to all the people who have lost weight on a diet only to gain it all back.

To these people we now offer hope!


Of all the people in the
United States are overweight!

    • No Diet Pills or Chemicals
    • No Special Food Orders
    • No Counting Calories or Fat Grams
    • No Restrictive Diet Plan

Our retired people are fat, our workers are fat, our husbands and wives are fat, and most alarming our children are fat.  It’s time to go to war against FAT in the United States.

Let us guide you with our program and help you fight the battle and lose weight with a proven program.  We have provided several brochures on our Products page for your to read or download at your convenience, so please take a few minutes and review them.  Then, contact us via e-mail to our Customer Service Department, or fill out the form on our Contacts Page.

We look forward to hearing from you so we can help you win the war against FAT.

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